Sucking at Tinder Like a Boss

I suck at Tinder.

I don’t know what it is. Is it because my photos aren’t professional? I’m not ugly. Is it just that I live in a small town?

Girls who I match with generally don’t text very regularly. I get a few girls who think I’m really nice but don’t meet up for whatever reason, but most of the time the conversation lasts about 5-6 texts back and forth (stretched out over a few hours) and then nothing. Ghosted.

Should I be more sexual? Should I have a cheesy pickup line? Maybe they’re getting bored because I’m not flirting with them off the bat but just trying to get to know them. I probably shouldn’t ask them what they do for a living.

I don’t want to say anything sleazy on my profile though, because there are girls I know – female friends – who are active on Tinder, and I don’t want them to see my profile say anything creepy. I know they’re there because I’ve seen their profiles. I swipe right on them because even though they’re only friends, I still want to know if they would swipe right on me.

Some days I only get to see 5-10 girls on the app, and then I run out of girls in my locality. I have to adjust my settings to accept 18 year olds and 50+ year olds, and women who are too far away to date. Even then it will often run out on me. What am I doing wrong?

When I was in Shanghai I would match with half a dozen girls every day (on TanTan, the most popular Chinese dating app), equating to a date about every second day. Unfortunately I was incompetent at being with women having only just come out of a long-term relationship, and had no idea how to flirt or pick women up. I think the key to my apparent ‘success’ (with getting matches, not with getting laid because I didn’t get laid at all) was because there were so many girls in that city (Shanghai has a population of 24 million), and I was a white guy. Many Chinese girls in China will swipe right on just about every foreigner. Damn, I swipe right on almost every Asian girl I see, they’re gorgeous. Appeal of the unknown, I suppose.