Building a New Home: Why New Zealand Home Buyers Have It So Good

Many new home buyers in New Zealand purchase their houses off the plan from a developer. They are required to make a deposit up front, and then to make payments at certain milestones along the build process including a final payment once the house and grounds has been completed. This is quite a different process then simply buying a new house that has been put up for sale by developer, because in this case the developer has had to take all the financial risk and borrow using short-term money until the house is sold. At this point they should start looking for a good mortgage broker to help them.

Liz Smith, professional mortgage broker

Generally when builders are courageous enough to take on the additional debt while they build a house, the reason for doing this is because it is substantially more profitable. A finished completely new house is substantially more valuable then a house that has yet to be built, and can command a significantly higher price simply because of the certainty that the house exists and it is in a wonderful new condition. The Builder knows that if they can sell the house in a buoyant market within a certain time frame then the cost of the temporary finance will become inconsequential, and their profits will be significant.

Developers building a number of homes in a new subdivision will need to pre-sell the houses before they start building each house, simply because this will reduce the overall financing costs. To get things rolling the developers often need to price the first few houses lower so that they get buyer’s on board quickly. Once potential buyers see that houses are actually starting to sell in a new subdivision then the market wakes up and a lot more buyers will come on board and compete for the remaining houses.

Mortgage brokers Christchurch are vital to enabling both of these processes, as they will have been involved in gaining short term finance for both the developer and the builder, and will also have been involved in financing the new houses for the home buyers. A smart mortgage broker will make sure that they look after their developer or builder, is this can mean that the developer or builder will recommend their services to the home buyers. It’s common in many new subdivisions for there to be a recommended mortgage broker for the home buyers.

While the banks to get involved obviously, it is mostly using the mortgage brokers Canterbury as intermediaries.

The Great New Zealand Tradies Shortage

New Zealand has a widespread problem from one end of the country to the other  which is a general shortage of good traits people. This shortage is fundamentally due to poor planning over the last few decades buy both government and the trade sector, and an inability for the government in particular to recognise  how vital the trade sector is to the growth of the New Zealand economy.

 The problem is that young people have either been actively discouraged or not proactively encouraged to enter into a trade, and instead a lot of emphasis has been put on the importance of getting a good university degree. The trouble is that trades have generally been regarded as a lower status then professional work, which is ironic given that in the end it is the trades people that are responsible for delivering the final result of any cleaning work carried out by professionals. It is the trades people that are responsible for public health and safety on a massive scale, and their input is massively devalued by Society.

This is even more ironic when you consider the advantages for Tradies. They can leave school straight into an apprenticeship and  be earning good money while there University counterparts a building up massive study debts. Apprentices attend high level courses for two to three days every week and  after 2 to 4 years they can have a good qualification that entitles them to be able to do more skilled work and eventually to set up their own business.

Apprentice builders for example can even start building your own home on the side, although government regulation prevents them from building more than 2 homes for themselves over 18 year. However the profits they can accumulate from building your own home can enable them to generate significant wealth, and get a big head start in this area over their University qualified peers. In the current market where there is a widespread shortage of good trades people of all types, prices to householders are naturally higher then otherwise, since there is no competition. Trades like plumbers builders and electricians Gisborne can really benefit from this shortage, with reference mean another good example.


The challenge for the government, if they want tens of thousands of more new homes in Auckland for example, is to put in place policies that actively encourage young people to go into apprenticeships. This is very sensible, particularly  as there is a distinct sector or young people who are just not suited to university work. Need good thing about apprenticeships in a trade is that there will always be work.

Sucking at Tinder Like a Boss

I suck at Tinder.

I don’t know what it is. Is it because my photos aren’t professional? I’m not ugly. Is it just that I live in a small town?

Girls who I match with generally don’t text very regularly. I get a few girls who think I’m really nice but don’t meet up for whatever reason, but most of the time the conversation lasts about 5-6 texts back and forth (stretched out over a few hours) and then nothing. Ghosted.

Should I be more sexual? Should I have a cheesy pickup line? Maybe they’re getting bored because I’m not flirting with them off the bat but just trying to get to know them. I probably shouldn’t ask them what they do for a living.

I don’t want to say anything sleazy on my profile though, because there are girls I know – female friends – who are active on Tinder, and I don’t want them to see my profile say anything creepy. I know they’re there because I’ve seen their profiles. I swipe right on them because even though they’re only friends, I still want to know if they would swipe right on me.

Some days I only get to see 5-10 girls on the app, and then I run out of girls in my locality. I have to adjust my settings to accept 18 year olds and 50+ year olds, and women who are too far away to date. Even then it will often run out on me. What am I doing wrong?

When I was in Shanghai I would match with half a dozen girls every day (on TanTan, the most popular Chinese dating app), equating to a date about every second day. Unfortunately I was incompetent at being with women having only just come out of a long-term relationship, and had no idea how to flirt or pick women up. I think the key to my apparent ‘success’ (with getting matches, not with getting laid because I didn’t get laid at all) was because there were so many girls in that city (Shanghai has a population of 24 million), and I was a white guy. Many Chinese girls in China will swipe right on just about every foreigner. Damn, I swipe right on almost every Asian girl I see, they’re gorgeous. Appeal of the unknown, I suppose.